Jennifer Johnson & Melanie Moore



CinchShare teaches social media marketing best practices and etiquette for all the necessary platforms direct sellers and small business owners need to succeed online. We cover basic set up and tips for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

With unique time saving features, CinchShare gives solopreneurs around the world the freedom to do what they want, when they want all while reducing stress and increasing engagement and sales.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is the CEO and founder of CinchShare, a social media marketing software for direct sellers and small business owners. As a work at home mom of four, Jennifer found herself devoting way too many hours to her online business and wanted more time to spend with her family so she and her web-developer husband created CinchShare.

Melanie Moore

Melanie is the Director of Training and Development at CinchShare and has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, both in the field and on the corporate level.

As a mother to four daughters, she devotes her time to her family as well as direct sellers, entrepreneurs and business owners. She helps them improve their social media marketing strategies through the proper practices and time management.

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