Lisa Wilber

Marketing Ideas for the Wild at Heart

Lisa Wilber is a Platinum Executive Leader with Avon and has been selling products and building a team of over 3,500 members since 1981.  She is currently the number five money earner in the U.S. business with annual group sales of nearly $9 million.  Her cumulative earnings from Avon’s network marketing program recently topped the $5 million mark. Referred to by Avon as the “Best Known Representative in the World”, Lisa’s story has appeared in magazines such as “Fortune”,
“Networking Times”, “Empowering Women” and “Avon Dreams”.  Lisa Wilber made the list of “The 50 Most Influential People in Direct Sales” issued by three years running and in 2007 was named Avon’s “Woman of Enterprise”, the top award given to non-
employees. She was the 2013 Avon “Yellow Rose of Courage” recipient.  Lisa was recently named the 2015 Top Female MLM Networker in the world by Business For Home web site.

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