Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Times

Born and raised in Belgium, Josephine moved to the US in 1985 to pursue her Masters and PhD in French at Stanford University. In the early 90s, she was hired by the French government to research the question, “How new technologies change the way we tell stories.”

In the mid- to late 90s, Josephine worked with Oxbridge Academics Programs, building out summer programs for American high school students in Paris, Montpellier, and Barcelona, introducing service learning into the foreign language programs.

In 1997 Josephine was introduced to network marketing by a friend in Northern California and joined for the personal and professional development opportunity. At her first company event, she met her husband Chris Gross, then CEO of MLM Publishing, Inc.

In 2001 she and Chris founded Networking Times and in 2003 they launched Networking University.

In 2013 Josephine became the chair of the ANMP Committee for International Expansion.

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