Esther Spina


Raised in California, Esther began her professional career by becoming the first female order desk clerk for General Electric/Hotpoint. Since then, she has made a name for herself across numerous industries. She’s worked in the construction business, collections, and even created and operated a high end children’s clothing and accessory business for a short time. Esther is currently an entrepreneur in a direct sales company, a speaker, and a best-selling author of The Ambitious Woman, available on

In 2008, Esther concentrated her passion of developing others personally and professionally by founding a network called Ambitious Women. Since the creation of Ambitious Woman, Esther, and a group of like-minded women, have hosted eight annual conferences focused on building and developing the businesses and lives of women in the network marketing community.

Esther also takes great pride in her personal developments, specifically her family. She has four grown children and six beautiful grandchildren. All of her children are entrepreneurs and enjoy open schedules and financial freedom. Working diligently to earn that lifestyle is a cornerstone to Esther’s success and she wants to help other men and women realize that success as well.

Esther Spina

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